To meet the criteria and the provincial literacy standard, students must successfully pass their Test of Ontario Secondary School Literacy (OSSLT). By the Quality of Education and the Office of Accountability, this test is administered and scheduled once each year. At the beginning of April or March. Usually, in Grade 10, students take the OSSLT, unless the principal grants them a deferral. Students who do not complete their OSSLT will always have the opportunity to retake the exam. For students whose OSR – Ontario Student Record is held at 24H Education, their test administration can be organised by 24H Education itself. And at Bayfield Ontario, the test can be written at the office of 24H Education where the institution’s staff member will invigilate the students. If special arrangements are to be made by the Ministry of Education, at alternative locations, students may write their tests. Through a suitable official, the test must be supervised, someone who satisfies the outlined requirements of the EQAO. The writing test of the 24H Education is $199, and to write the test at a location that might occur in an alternative manner only for a price of $499.