Every student is unique in his or her way. At 24H Education, the teachers prioritise their student’s needs, and the online programs are designed in such a way that responds effectively to the student’s every need. The model of 24H Education that is self-paced allows students to work on a time of their own and it helps ensure they take out a few minutes from their day to understand the most crucial concepts before the program occurs. Read Speaker is offered by various courses, and it is a tool that reads the page’s tests out loud, and the words of the highlights are read as well. The method of instructions is different, and the materials of learning are provided through video, texts, and activities interactively. In any process possible, the student’s flexibility is allowed by the assessments in a format they use for presenting their ideas. Various students might choose the option of writing papers or giving an oral presentation or for creating visual content. Students might also use the technologies that are assistive that they are familiar with using or have access to.